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Passion Doesn’t Lie

July 7, 2008

As a general rule, employees thrive on that which derives passion.  It’s a fundamental attribute of the human psyche to get excited about, interested in, and committed towards sources of passion.  Have you noticed how a person’s energy level increases notably when they start talking about an area of interest?

Energy is what makes the world go ‘round and passion fuels that energy.  With that in mind, wouldn’t it be ideal to hire candidates who are genuinely passionate about the role?  How do you distinguish between passion and acting?  After all, many candidates are career interviewees who know how to get the job, but ultimately can’t (or won’t) do the job.

Try getting a candidate to talk about something they’re interested in outside of work, such as art, travel, cooking, etc.  Notice their increased energy level as they describe their interest.  Also noteworthy is how the words flow naturally – nothing contrived.

Now shift the focus over to the candidate’s job current or recent role and associated responsibilities.  I like to ask them what are the things they like most about their position.  See if their energy level increases along with natural word flow.

In addition, it’s equally helpful to uncover the anti-passion, or facets of their job candidates don’t like.  After all, we all have things we have to do but don’t enjoy doing.  In this exercise, if a candidate lists some of the tasks that play an integral role in one’s success in that position, then take note.  This could mark a possible career mismatch.  In the end, passion doesn’t lie.  And neither does its antithesis.

Action Items:

  • Test for passion just as you test for tangible skills
  • Look for increased energy and natural thought/word flow
  • Ferret out the tasks/responsibilities that a candidate doesn’t enjoy doing