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You’re Getting Flooded with Resumes…and this is Good Because?

February 24, 2009

Lately, I’m hearing from hiring managers, HR managers, and corporate recruiters how they are getting flooded with resumes.  Hence, no need for external recruitment expertise, right?  Well, then, why are they still experiencing difficulty in finding and hiring the right people?

In everyday life, have you always sought out friends via the same venue, say bars?  Ok, Jack Daniels and Sam Adams aside, most people meet new friends through a variety of ways and means, such as through mutual friends, interest groups, and business ties.  And who initiates the first contact?  Do new friends always come to you?

Similarly, the most effective recruitment of top talent comes not from the singular reactive task of sifting through piles of incoming resumes, but rather through proactive outbound pinpoint searching via multiple channels and resources.  Having been a hiring manager for many years, I know the importance of avoiding wasted time.  Being pulled in many directions at once does not allow the luxury (!) of reviewing candidates that miss the mark.  Effective recruitment means gaining a deeper understanding of the hiring manager’s vision of fit – in all facets, including both culturally and necessary intangible attributes.

Effective recruitment also means counseling your client on the state of the talent market relative to the search – how the job spec meshes with the talent pool, realistic recommendations on comp packages, how individual candidates compare with the rest of the talent pool, etc.  The most valuable recruitment resources can rise above the short term needs of the search and spot out talent that the organization could find worthwhile not only now, but 6 months or a year down the road as the company continues to evolve.  As a hiring manager, you need a trusted advisor looking out for your team’s behalf and thinking ahead.

If you’re not realizing this level of value and results from your current recruitment method, then you’re doing you and your organization a disservice that can carry a deleterious impact for months to come.  Hence the need for external recruitment expertise.

Action Items:

  • Don’t depend solely on inbound reactive resume reviewing as your recruitment strategy
  • Seek out recruitment resources that, as prior hiring managers themselves, will save you time and hassle by presenting pre-qualified candidates
  • Seek out recruitment resources that have their finger on the pulse and know how to advise you on the specifics of your search as well as execute a multi-threaded proactive outbound search effort
  • Seek out a trusted advisor who will understand the dynamics of your organization and continually seek out talent that can help you now – as well as down the road